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Why is it that brainless morons, souless goons and vicious warmongering maniacs are routinely offered up as candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States by the Republican Party ?

It Cannot Be A Coincidence

Given the enormous sums of money (approx. $500,000,000) that are required to get a candidate through the Primaries process and into the White House itself, and the mind-boggling military/financial perogatives at the disposal of the US President, I conclude that the selection and sponsorship of candidates is absolutely intentional, by which I mean there is absolutely no chance for a candidate to emerge who does not faithfully represent the will, intention and purpose of the GOP sponsors and backers. There are no ‘mavericks’. The benefits of power are too precious to let uncontrolled hands take over.

We Want Morons

This means that the GOP machine, in particular the party donors, actively seeks morons, power zombies and wamongering maniacs as its representatives. It is precisely these types of candidate that provide GOP backers with return on investment and are malleable to its will.

Sarah Palin’s Religion

Sarah Palin is not stupid. By which I mean she has enough intelligence to complete high school and even University. She can understand a newspaper article and probably even write one; she can plan, think and execute strategy. Prior to her nomination as Vice-President Palin spoke lucidly on numerous issues that affect Alaska state without disappearing into the blizzard of cheerful babbling nonsense that epitomized her Vice-Presidential campaign performances.

But palin is nevertheless crazy enough to think one can drill the Arctic without adverse effects, a believer in the goodness of ghoulish undertakings like the Iraq War, insane enough to believe a Muslim society can be transformed into democracy by carpet-bombing its hospitals and naive enough to believe that American Foreign Policy is designed to promote peace, democracy and the advancement of human rghts.

In short Palin is a true believer in American Military-Industrial-Complex Religion, the unholy creeds of which are funded by Big Business, enforced by Untramelled Power and force-fed through Compliant Media into the hearts and minds of every American from birth.

“What Am I Signing ?”. “Just things, Ma’am.”

Palin is a perfect vehicle for souless goons like George Bush Senior and the vicious Richard Cheney to continue with their programme of personal and class enrichment made possible through the blood of American servicemen and the liquidation of the unpeoples of the Middle East and elsewhere. Palin does not have to lie to support the aims of Cheney’s Corporate-Miltary wars – she absolutely believes in this religion so she evangelises for it without coercion or embarrassment. As did Ronald Reagan and George Bush Junior. As John Cleese has noted, Sarah Palin’s main function is to deliver propaganda speeches written by her masters. This was also true of Ronald Reagan.

Palin’s Strategic Utility

Her other short-term utility is to shore up the Christian Fundamentalist vote for the Republican Party, whose supporters on the Religious Right currently feel taken for granted and indeed betrayedby the Bush administrations. Obama, whose churchgoing credentials are not in doubt, unlike the socially conservative but spiritually apathetic McCain, has the ability to leach votes from the Republican Christian wing. Palin is there in part to stop that drift.

Unspeakable Horror

The Republican Party is a cabal of Corporate-Military-Political power that makes war gladly for profit. It kills as many as required to deliver that profit and utilizes American military power to that end. The unspeakable horror of their agenda can never be enunciated honestly so it is well served by idiots such as Dan Quayle, true believers like Palin and Bush Junior, and warmongering maniacs like John McCain who promote the agenda without necessarily understanding it or even thinking about it.  These clowns accept suggestions from their backers and patrons as to specific actions to be taken, or like Bush Junior and Palin simply know through gut-feel and indoctrination how to serve their masters’ ends.

The Purpose And Role Of Monsters

The GOP cannot leave the country entirely in the hands of idiots, however, so Monsters like Bush Senior and Richard Cheney are also required at the highest level. People like these properly appreciate the strategies and intentions of American Foreign Policy (Empire, Money, Power) and actively encourage and implement the necessary policies for the continuation of that Empire and the direction of the ensuing wealth and privilege to themselves, their associates and their Class cohorts.

This doesn’t mean the Monsters need to be President or even Vice-President, as long as the office of President is effectively controlled by them.

John McCain

The benefit of John McCain to the Republican Party Corporate-Military-Political cabal is that he likes war and is intellectually lazy. He will be well satisfied bombing Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to smithereens in some deranged hunt for Bin Laden and/or Ahmadinejad while Richard Cheney and Halliburton rake in the concomitant profits. Entranced by the smell of Napalm in the morning and enraptured at the sight of bombs falling on foreign cities at his command McCain will be as effectively sedated as a toddler watching Sesame Street.

Thank goodness McCain’s complete illiteracy in Economics, which he openly confesses, is costing him votes as the USA leads the world into a global recession.
War criminals the lot of them. 

What Is A Maverick ?

The so-called ‘Maverick’ nature of Palin is also of immense value to the GOP backers as it demonstrates in her a fundamentally undemocratic approach to government.

Palin, who knows by instinct what is right and wrong, does not require consultation with the voters or indeed anybody to do what she feels is right. So, just as she installs her unelected husband as a psuedo-Governor of Alaska with all the power of office, so she will be happy to share the perogatives of the US (Vice-) Presidency with anyone else of like mind she ‘knows’ she can trust. Any future Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld will feel very comfortable in their ability to share Presidential power with Palin without the public ever knowing.

In short, Maverick is another word for ‘puppet’…and that’s the ideal candidate for the souless goons of the GOP.

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