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McCain Helps Letterman Beat Leno’s Ratings

It was striking how poorly McCain presented. He was easily flummoxed by a mildly challenging question about his relationship with G. Gordon Liddy and whenever departing from scripted lines became incoherent to the point of mummified silence.

Sheltered Workshop

In my opinion John McCain could not survive as a serious candidate for high office in any country except the United States. This candidacy is so weak it can only survive in a half-billion dollar media bubble.

Any of Australia’s political leaders (John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull – bugger it – any Kindy Kid with a mastery of Mr. Men) runs rings around McCain in their ability to formulate spontaneous answers during interview. Even against the funereal and charisma-less Brendan Nelson, McCain’s mental vacancy would be obvious. (Actually, come to think about it, McCain has a fair physical resemblence to Malcolm Turnbull, alas none of Turnbull’s brilliant communication skills).

On The Positive Side

McCain’s only apparent attributes are that he is handsome, has a nice smile and was once a prisoner of war. He fully satisfies the Dilbert criteria for Senior Management – Good Hair.

It CAN Get Worse

On objective ability I would say McCain-Palin is the worst-ever ticket presented for candidacy for the US Presidency.

The McCain-Palin ticket is incredibly weak on any meaningful criteria outside transient voter appeal BUT is also incredibly dangerous. They are both economic illiterates in this time of worldwide economic turmoil, both intellectually lazy or non-functioning on serious issues, both regard American bombs as the best way to bring happiness and prosperity to Middle Eastern nations and both would drill the Arctic into oblivion if offered five dollars.

A Republican win in the 2008 Election be be a disaster for both the USA and the Planet.

Other Bloggers On McCain’s Letterman Appearance

The Confabulam said McCain uttered nonsense while one of the commenters descibed him as ‘stunningly inept’.
Hot Air thinks Letterman is an Obama apologist who minimized Obama’s links to terrorism.
Hot Off The Trail felt that the Letterman-McCain interview was one of the better political interviews of the year, as McCain’s incoherence under pressure was alarmingly obvious.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has a Blog piece on McCain with some perceptive commenters. See especially the comment by RC Christian on the idiocy of Obama being in any way a danger to the establishment.


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