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I sent the following email to Cardinal Pell via his office at the Catholic Archdiocese Of Sydney. If Mr. Pell should reply and gives permission, I’ll blog it here. His work email address is:

Dear Mr. Pell,

In discussions with my family, who are not Catholic, your rejection of the Climate Change thesis convinces them that the Climate Change position is weak. They say ‘Pell knows many scientists who are afraid to speak out against Climate Change’. They consider you to be honest and fair. I would guess that many other pretty normal and not necessarily Catholic middle-class households also consider you to be credible on Climate Change and have a lot of respect for your Moral and Intellectual authority.

I decided to research your statements on Climate Change and came to the following conclusions:

1) You consider Climate and Ecology a second-order issue behind matters of Faith and Mission
2) You consider the Climate Change camp dangerously compromised by neo-Pagan influences
3) You consistently but not intentionally misuse Climate data in service of first-order issues of Faith and Mission
4) You are not impartial on the Climate Change debate but biased because of points 2) and 1)
5) You have been consistently incorrect in your use of Climate data.
6) You do not understand or try to understand the foundational arguments of the Climate Change proponents

I have written a Blog article expanding on these points which you can read here

I would be very interested in your response to this article.

If you should have time and inclination to read this article may I have permission to use your reply on my blog ?

Best Regards,



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