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What I like best about ‘Insiders’ is the Paul Kelly segment.

I love the way Barry Cassidy says ‘Now let’s hear from Paul Kelly’ and the screen is immediately filled with the giant head of Paul Kelly , his imposing grey eyebrows and that pervading aura of impending doom.

It’s just like Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series where Hari Sheldon appears at century-wide intervals on holographic video to prophetically apply his findings of PsychoHistory to the current predicament of the Foundation Galactic Fringe and to guide and warn them, the saviours of civilisation.

Paul Kelly would make a great Hari Sheldon or Obi-Wan-Kenobe.

Anyway, I thought the avuncular prophet of the great grey eyebrow made some very penetrating remarks about Kevin Rudd in his half-term assessement of the Rudd government. For those who missed them:

PAUL KELLY: I don’t think the people are having a great love affair with Kevin Rudd, but Rudd is a most interesting political commodity. He looks like a policy wonk who’s actually a populist. He’s a new generation modernist.

Coming from a farm in Queensland, he’s got a keen understanding of the conservative nature of the Australian people, like John Howard did, and he plays to that.

He doesn’t polarise, he doesn’t polarise and divide the community. He wants to keep everybody happy. He appeals to all constituencies. He doesn’t like to take hard choices. He likes to keep all choices open.

Now this is a fascinating way to govern but you can’t govern this way indefinitely. He has brought to a peak the Howard technique of incumbency. Kevin Rudd runs a permanent election campaign every day.

Kevin Rudd – Howardesque populist conservative, leading his party to an inevitable electoral train wreck as the tensions inherent in populism pull cataclysmically apart.

Strewth – I wonder if Kelly is right ?

Anyway, what’s your favourite part of ‘Insiders’ and why ?



  1. no-brainer – Barrie Cassidy!
    Annabel Crabb. Gerard Henderson.
    Actually, all the commentators, but those three are my faves.

    • baraholka1
    • Posted July 31, 2009 at 1:37 am
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    Hiya Cottonward,

    Did you see the other week when steam started pouring out of Annabelle Crabb’s ears, so frustrated was she by Andrew Bolt. Her response was to write an article in the SMH implying Bolt (along with Tony Abbott and other conservative bovver-boys) had an insane love interest for Margaraet Thatcher and Julia Gillard which centred on ritual humilation.

    Nice to have the National Press at your disposal to have a dig at your foes!

    Do drop by again 🙂

    – Barra

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