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Just started a new contract in my day job as a Software Engineer.

Most of the Dev team have English as a (far distant) second language. On my first day I noticed a quotation in Chinese in the Dev area prominently written in Texta on an erasable whitewall. The English translation underneath it made quite a disturbing accidental Haiku:

If you think you dont have bugs
You already have bugs
Bugs are in your brain

I guess that would account for those incessant tiny far-off chomping noises.


  1. Seen many analyses of bugs and root causes.
    Consensus is that at least 75% of them are due to broken (wrong or ambiguous) business requirements.

    And remember the following rule of thumb:
    For every $1 it costs to fix while still on paper…
    It costs $10 to fix once coding has started,
    $100 once somebody IN the organization is using it
    $1000 once somebody OUTSIDE the org is using it

    (Says me with buggy overclocked brain that seizes up and has problems writing to memory… epilepsy)

    • baraholka1
    • Posted October 14, 2009 at 10:13 pm
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    Hiya Dave,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Your citation of costs made me think of similar data I had seen in Steve MacConnell’s book ‘Code Complete’. I tried Googling the Code Complete data but couldn’t find it quickly, though a thread on Stack Overflow says it is based on observation at Boeing.

    Well the Bugs In My Brain are chomping and singing so I must grab some Mortein before the Cerebal Cortex disappears.


    – Barra

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