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Nathan Rees has sacked Joe Tripodi !!

NSW may actually have a government again instead of operating solely as a standing lunch order for Tripodi and his coterie of trough-swillers.

I sent an email to Mr. Rees:

Congratulations on your courageous decision to remove factional rights to Cabinet selections and your immediate Cabinet reshuffle.

You struck me as a decent bloke when you took over but the seeming imprisonment of yourself and your Cabinet colleagues to the will of Joe Tripodi and others of his ilk made me despair for this State.

I am very happy to be proved wrong.

That took guts.

I am sure the rest of the electorate will applaud the immediate effects of your decisions.

For those of you who don’t know yet Rees took a motion directly to the floor of the NSW ALP State Conference to wipe out factional rights to appoint Cabinet Ministers. He didn’t consult Caucus or the Ministers. He just went straight to the floor and called the vote. Brilliant!! Pantsed the lot of ’em.

The rank and file supported the notion near unanimously and a few hours later Tripodi was sacked.

Strewth, half of Sussex St will be filled with paramedic teams resuscitating ALP Cabinet Ministers choking on Spring Rolls, or in Joe’s case Lobster Thermidore.

Well done Mr. Rees. On yer mate!

The Libs must be spewing…

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