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So says Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov, president of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, who also happens to be President Of The World Chess Federation, FIDE

The man provides order,” he says, “he conquers countries, territories and oil wells. He gives the wells to the rich oil companies, making them even richer, and that’s completely okay. In fact it is quite possible that the world’s population will soon be living in a single, American state. As long as order and discipline prevail — what’s the problem?”

Ilyumzhinov comments on GW Bush displays the clarity of thought of the typical multi-billionaire dictator who has also been abducted by aliens. an experience he shares with Yukio Hatoyama, wife of the current prime Minister of Japan and possibly you.

Bush’s opinions on Ilyumzhinov are currently unknown.

Equal Rights For Multi-Billionaire Dictators NOW!!

The friendly and urbane statements of our beloved Kirsan Nikolayevich mask the desperate plea for justice common to oppressed multi-billionaire dictators everywhere, which is their heartbreak at not being provided unlimited protection, unlimited finance and a satisfactory Occupational Health and Safety compliant workplace as puppet monsters for globally projected US hegemonic power.

Ilyumzhinov has offerred an obvious plea to be invaded by the US, indeed have his country bombed to smithereens by SuperStealth bombers if required, in order that he can be relieved of the actual pressures of office and instead confine himself to making selections from a 10,000 item a la carte breakfast menu and bathe in Olympic Swimming Pool sized tubs of Baby Yaks Milk as befits a man of his position and proximity to the enormous Oil and Gas reserves of the Caspian Sea.

Its not quite enough to be a multi-billionaire dictator. One must be relieved of the blasted paperwork as well. Hence the cry of Ilyumzhinov’s heart – to become a US vassal state with himself as figurehead leader in perpetuity, with a 40% personal interest in his dreamt-of pipeline route to the Caspian Oil and Gas fields, as vindicated by his personal fortune-teller.

Justice for Kalmykia – we too wish to be bombed!

You know it makes sense.


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