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My son loves Cheetahs.

Perusing his latest acquisition, ‘Fastest And Slowest’, Camilla de la Bedoyere, ISBN 9781554078097, he was gratified to confirm his knowledge that the Cheetah with a top speed of 96 KPH is the world’s fastest land animal, contemptuous of the paltry cornering of the Tree Sloth (3 KPH)…but aghast that at a MASSIVE 109 KPH, the Giant Sailfish is in fact the animal kingdom’s overall speed champion.

This motivated him to formulate his first-ever prayer which went like this:

Dear God.
Can You please make the Cheetah go 109 which is faster than the Snailfish.
In Jesus’ Name

Anyone noticed any surprised Antelopes around the place going:
‘Strewth! Have they sped up or something??’


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