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As a parent of a kid going though Australian Public School (Government) Primary education I am astonished at the overt social engineering of my children’s minds by the Soft Left controlling the teachers and education unions.

For example, in honour of some United Nations bureaucratic fantasy my children today had to wear an Orange clothing item in honour of Harmony Day which AFAIK has no real- or cartoon-world existence outside of Peppa Pig. In combination with No Waste Wednesday and Ride To School Day, the Jesuitical objective of the Watermelons running Primary School Education is clear: Global Governance + Greenie Recycling + Anti-Carbon.

A balanced curriculum should include Border Protection Day in which Muslim kids are locked outside the school gates for five months or until they contract Mental Illness. This is only fair since as Scott Morrison has pointed out, they are criminally lazy, diseased bludgers who cannot adhere to expected community standards of behaviour. And that’s not Xenophobic. That’s just calling it as it is.

Border Protection Day in conjunction with Mass Over-Consumption Day and Carbon Fuels Appreciation Day would address sorely needed balance in the curriculum, properly educate spawn of illegals about the prevailing Aussie values and support the Mining Industry on which the current and future wealth of the Commonwealth firmly depends.

You know it makes sense.


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