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The continuing Quasi-ALP government under Tony Abbott will retain the policies it enacted in its first and second terms under previous leaders Gillard and Rudd. Consequently we have Paid Parental Leave, Disability Care, an NBN and Gonski Education reforms heading into 2014 and beyond.

In addition the Abbott Qu-ALP administration has endorsed the Fiscal strategy of Rudd/Gillard by continuing indefinitely in Budget deficit while global economic conditions remain volatile. Yes, Hockster found $6 billion in loose change to be dropped in the kids piggy-bank incrementally over four years. As Australia has a $1.3 Trillion annual GDP, this represents a micro-saving of 0.12% per annum, the equivalent of someone on $100,000 saving $120 per year.

Qu-ALP is not all good news, however. The complete dismantling of environmental protections and Marine Parks is a tragedy and Industrial Relations will return to something almost indistinguishable from Work Choices. Remember, the Fair Work Act was christened Work Choices Lite and Qu-ALP wants to return to a sensible centre asymptotically approaching Gina Rinehart’s common-sense Nirvana of $2 per day.

Of course as Work Choices rises, productivity will be strangled.

Anyrate, just wanted to say that its pretty weird that Tony Abbott should be keeping the central policies of the worst government in history including even the supposed budget crisis spending levels. Do LNP supporters notice any of this ?

Now, orright, there will soon be a Commission Of Audit that, given the fact that a carbon-compliant Senate has been returned, will give Abbott and Hockey free reign to hack and slice to their heart’s content. No need for a Double Dissolution now. But what will be deep-sixed ? Surely Gonski will go, but could Paid Parental Leave be heavily trimmed ? And Direct Action abandoned ? I nominate these because it is fairly plain the at the LNP has no commitment to these policies. PPL, supposedly a productivity wunderkind and a nett saving to the national budget, does not commence until two years hence. Why not? If its such an economic supercharge let it start ASAP. Logical. So the LNP, I think, will dice PPL.

One thing is for sure, LNP supporters are already convinced that the PEFO figures are a fraud and that the ‘true’ Budget position will be revealed as truly horrible once Hockster and Tony shine the light on Budget papers. I know because I’ve been talking to some friends who are LNP cult-members. Hockey’s pre-conditioning to this end has already been deeply embedded.

And any Hockey-Abbott cuts will be directed exclusively at the poor,as their first tranche, just this week announced, were. As Mr. Abbott succintly explained any cuts to high-income earners are stupid-headed class war. Therefore the poor must endure all cuts. For the good of all of us. I am not kidding.

Its Nightfall.

For this was the Dark — the Dark and the Cold and the Doom.
The bright walls of the universe were shattered and their awful black
fragments were falling down to crush and squeeze and obliterate him.

He jostled someone crawling on hands and knees, but stumbled somehow
over him. Hands groping at his tortured throat, he limped toward the flame
of the torches that filled all his mad vision.

‘Light!’ he screamed.

Aton, somewhere, was crying, whimpering horribly like a terribly
frightened child. ‘Stars — all the Stars — we didn’t know at all. We
didn’t know anything. We thought six stars in a universe is something the
Stars didn’t notice is Darkness forever and ever and ever and the walls are
breaking in and we didn’t know we couldn’t know and anything — ‘

Someone clawed at the torch, and it fell and snuffed out. In the
instant, the awful splendor of the indifferent Stars leaped nearer to them.

On the horizon outside the window, in the direction of Saro City, a
crimson glow began growing, strengthening in brightness, that was not the
glow of a sun.

The long night had come again.


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