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Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, treats asylum-seekers worse than cattle.

The asylum-seeker Reza Barati was recently murdered in Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, while resident in an asylum-seeker detention centre operated by Mr. Morrison. Barati had a rock dropped on his head while he lay helpless on the floor having been beaten by a marauding mob armed, like Frankenstein’s villagers, with iron bars and whatever other industrial weaponry lay at hand. Barati’s head was caved in. He died.

This does not trouble Morrison. Five months after the incident no one has been charged and a major suspect has fled Manus. From Sarah Whyte’s article in the SMH

One of the four chief suspects in the killing of Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati had fled Manus Island and his whereabouts were unknown.’…It was ‘an ongoing case,’ a PNG police spokesman, Dominic Kakas, said, and ‘no-one had been charged, or interviewed.’

As Bob Ellis puts it, quoting Morrison in the article, Morrison seems unamazed, and even untroubled, by this. Said Morrison, I have no further information,’ he said yesterday, ‘than what is already, publicly available..

One might wonder how much effort Morrison would put into an investigation in which an asylum-seeker was alleged to have killed a Navy officer during on-water operations. Of course, Morrison and his team of 95 Media advisors would be working around the clock to characterise the asylum-seeker as a diseased, evil, lazy, ungrateful, criminal, jihadist whose associates in Australia need to be monitored by a volunteer citizen-informer network similar to, say, Ceaucescu’s Romania. It would be front page news for six months. The Daily Telegraph would print souvenir mourning issue for the State Funeral. Andrew Bolt would be incandescent with fury. Of course.

But Reza Barati is a non-human, a non-entity. His life does not matter. He can be treated worse than cattle.

So right at this moment, the High Court is hearing preliminary argument into the illegality of Morrison’s surreal Border Force and its arrest of 153 Tamil asylum-seekers who were taken prisoner by Morrison while in international waters on their way to New Zealand (yes you read that correctly).

Morrison does not release any information about this incident to the Australian public, claiming that to do so would assist people-smugglers. This is an obvious lie by Morrison. All asylum-seekers carry mobile phones and are in instantaneous contact with people smugglers. The target of Morrison’s secrecy is the Australian public, whom Morrison has decided may object to his cruel and inhumane methods should they become generally known.

Today at the High Court hearing we learnt that the asylum seekers are being detained in windowless locked rooms with men kept apart from their families…they have not been asked to discuss their reasons for leaving India.. that Morrison has argued that outside of Australia’s territorial waters, asylum-seekers have no rights under the Australian Migration Act.

So, even though the Tamils have no rights in Australia, Morrison has the right to arrest them lock them up and deport them to whatever country he sees fit.

How come Morrison has complete rights of the destiny, life , health and fate of these people and yet they have no rights at all in Australia ?

That has to be piracy by any reasonable definition.

The article concludes that the case will be heard at the end of the month i.e. prison ship to continue for six more weeks with a continuation of the windowless locked room policy. Those in Nauru and Manus and indeed even in community detention in Australia will continue to suffer multiple intentional cruelties which lead to mental illness and inevitable to suicide and self-harm, about which Morrison (and Abbott) care zero. Asylum seekers are not people. Why should we care how they feel.

You wouldn’t treat cattle this way.
Morrison believes that asylum-seekers may be treated worse than cattle. They are not truly human.

And why ?

Because to Morrison, asylum-seekers represent the threat of Islamic colonisation of Australia. Now Tamils aren’t usually Islamic, but Morrison must stop all asylum seeker vessels to break the will of people smugglers with Islamic cargo. Morrison would prefer to send 100,000 people to suicide than allow one to enter Australia.

And the thing is he could simple de-ratify Australia from the International Convention on refugees and give himself a truly legal reason to deport every single asylum seekers, but he won’t, because to de-ratify from that convention would cause him embarrassment. By maintaining Australia as a signatory Morrison can claim ‘we support genuine refugees’. In this way, Morrison justifies his cruelty to the poor and dispossesed of the world just to maintain his personal reputation.

And the really scary thing is, I don’t think Morrison cares less.

He is ideologically insane.

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