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Many Muslims state that the true Injeel (Gospel as taught by Jesus) is found in The Gospel of Barnabas which was later excluded from The Bible by Christian leaders who wished to put fake and corrupt teaching into The Bible. You can read a Muslim making that claim here.

The Gospel Of Barnabas is not the true Injeel. Rather, it is an obvious forgery.

In fact, unfortunately for Muslims who insist that the The Gospel Of Barnabas is the true word of God,  The Gospel was Barnabas contradicts Islam and the Qu’ran. It states that Jesus was not the Messiah when the Qu’ran says that Jesus is The Messiah. The Gospel Of Barnabas says that Maryam suffered pain in childbirth whereas the Qu’ran says Maryam did not suffer pain during childbirth. The Gospel Of Baranbas says that men are limited to one wife whereas the Qu’ran permits Muslims to four wives. Finally the Gospel Of Barnabas says there are nine heavens whereas the Qu’ran says there are seven heavens.

These contradictions alone are enough to prove that The Gospel Of Barnabas is not acceptable to Muslims or Islamic and that it should be rejected by Muslims, but that is only the beginning of its many problems.
Internal evidence from The Gospel Of Barnabas shows that it was written no earlier than the 14th Century. Additionally, it is written in Spanish. For Barnabas to be an authentic document from the time of Jesus it would need to be written in the 1st Century and in a contemporary language of that time and place such as Hebrew or Koine Greek. Barnabas is written 1300 years too late to be associated with Jesus and in a language, Spanish, in which neither Jesus nor his companions could write and, indeed, did not even exist at the time of Jesus.

The Authentic Qu’ran Is Written In Chinese

Imagine if I told Muslims that I had just found the authentic Qu’ran and that the current Qu’ran that they are reading is completely incorrect. I then tell them that my new Qu’ran is written in Chinese and was written in the year 2000 (1300 years after Mohammed) and that it says that Mohammed is not the final prophet of Allah and that it contradicts all the other ancient manuscripts of The Qu’ran going back to near the time of Mohammed. Finally I inform my Muslim friends that my Chinese Qu’ran was composed on an iPad owned by the companions of Mohammed.

Muslims would immediately say that this Qu’ran that I have found is an obvious forgery and probably that I should seek psychiatric help And they would be correct. And yet Muslims will insist that The Gospel Of Barnabas, itself an obvious forgery, written in a language which did not exist at the time of Jesus, must be accept by Christians as the only true and authentic gospel.
Yet the problems of The Gospel Of Barnabas are more even than this. It contains errors of geography, locating towns in the wrong places and makes historical errors about the names of the Roman leaders at the time of Jesus.

What if my Chinese Qu’ran I discovered said that Mecca is located in Egypt instead of Arabia and that Mohammad’s tribe name was Banu Qurayza (a Jewish tribe) instead of Banu Quraysh (his real tribe) ? Muslims would immediately recognise the obvious errors and reject my Chinese Qu’ran as a forgery. And yet Muslims insist that Christians accept errors of similar magnitude from The Gospel Of Barnabas.

The Gospel According To Islam

It is apparent that the Gospel Of Barnabas is a forgery of the True Bible made by a zealous Muslim in about 1400 AD. Interestingly another Muslim, Ahmad Shafaat, created a forged Injil in 1979, calling it The Gospel According To Islam. Shafaat simply rewrote THe Bible with Islamic content, even dividing up his forged Islamic gospel with Chapter divisions to make it appear like a real Bible. This shows that Muslims are willing to make forgeries of The Bible with their own hands and then pass them off as authentic. This is exactly what the author of The Gospel Of Barnabas did.

Would Muslims accept a Qu’ran created by Christian scholars which had been re-written to remove Mohammed and say that Jesus is Allah ? Of course not. Any Christian who did so, who created a fraudlent Qu’ran, would find himself in immediate danger of his life from outraged Muslims. And yet Muslim scholars feel at liberty to re-write The Bible with their own hands and claim it to be the authentic message of Jesus.
May God forgive them for tampering with God’s Holy Books and lead them to repentance.

So woe to those who write the “scripture” with their own hands, then say, “This is from Allah ,” in order to exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.

(Qu’ran Surah Al-Baqarah 2:79)


Muslim Scholars Reject Gospel Of Barnabas 

The prominent Islamic scholar Shabir Ally makes the point that The so-called Gospel Of Barnabas carries no internal authentication and thus is not acceptable as a Holy Text as its source cannot be proven according to the Islamic scholarly methods which are used to authenticate Hadith and other religious traditions.

Another well-known Muslim scholar who rejects the so-called Gospel Of Barnabas is Yusuf Estes. Estes is quoted on the Islamic web-site Islamic Newsroom dismissing The Gospel Of Barnabas as  a sad joke, a trick, and a fake as follows:

[The Gospel Of Barnabas] is a sad joke on many Muslims. Some have been tricked into believing this has something to do with the New Testament and it is more or less the “Lost Gospel” … But that is all  nonsense, because the so-called “Gospel of Barnabas” is “Bogabas” (fake).

Estes then gives a description of the reasons that The Gospel Of Barnabas is a fake, most of which accords exactly with reliable scholarship. Muslims who accept the Gospel Of Barnabas are violating their own scholarly rules. In any case the obvious errors, contradictions and violations of both Islamic and Christian doctrines prove that the so-called Gospel Of Barnabas is an obvious fraud.

I obtained a lot of the information for this article  from Samuel Green’s excellent article on The Gospel Of Barnabas here.

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