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Islam teaches that 99.6% of the Earth’s population lives in an undiscovered icy wasteland, the exact location of which is presently unknown. This proposition is patently false thus showing that Islam is obviously in error and is not the religion of God.

The people that populate this icy wilderness, according to the Qu’ran and Hadith, are the tribes of Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj. These tribes are apparently trapped behind a huge wall made of iron and molten lead erected between two mountains which Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj perpetually attempt to tunnel through. This wall was supposedly built by a person called Zul-Qarnain who is a legendary figure known only to the Qu’ran,  but who appears to be based on Alexander The Great.

Islam teaches that Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj will ultimately burst through the huge iron wall which restrains them and make war on all mankind.

It is forbidden for any community we had annihilated to return. Until when [the dam of] Gog and Magog has been opened and they, from every elevation, descend  (Qu’ran Al’Anbiya 21:95-96)

The Qu’ran describes the wall supposedly erected to contain them like so:

When he reached the valley between two palisades, he found people whose language was barely understandable.

They said, “O Zul-Qarnain, Gog and Magog are corruptors of the earth. Can we pay you to create a barrier between us and them?”

He said, “My Lord has given me great bounties. If you cooperate with me, I will build a dam between you and them.”Bring to me masses of iron.” Once he filled the gap between the two palisades, he said, “Blow.” Once it was red hot, he said, “Help me pour tar on top of it.” Thus, they could not climb it, nor could they bore holes in it.

He said, “This is mercy from my Lord. When the prophecy of my Lord comes to pass, He will cause the dam to crumble. The prophecy of my Lord is truth.”
At that time, we will let them invade with one another, then the horn will be blown, and we will summon them all together. (Qu’ran Al-Kahf 18:93-99)

The Hadith which states that Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj comprise 99.6% of the world’s population is the following from Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 567 :
Narrated by Abu Said Al-Khudri

The Prophet said, “Allah will say (on the Day of Resurrection), ‘O Adam.’ Adam will reply, ‘Labbaik wa Sa’daik’, and all the good is in Your Hand.’ Allah will say: ‘Bring out the people of the fire.’ Adam will say: ‘O Allah! How many are the people of the Fire?’ Allah will reply: ‘From every one thousand, take out nine-hundred-and ninety-nine.‘ At that time children will become hoary headed, every pregnant female will have a miscarriage, and one will see mankind as drunken, yet they will not be drunken, but dreadful will be the Wrath of Allah.”

The companions of the Prophet asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! Who is that (excepted) one?” He said, “Rejoice with glad tidings; one person will be from you and one-thousand will be from Gog and Magog.” …”

Bukhari, whose Hadith constitute obligatory belief for Sunni Muslims, therefore states that Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj comprise either 999 or 1,000 times the number of Muslims, depending on whether the ratio given by Allah or Mohammed is the correct one in the two differing statements in the same Hadith.

On present populations Muslims number approximately 2 Billion which would mean Yajooj and Majooj presently number roughly 2 Trillion persons. This is 267 times the population of Planet Earth, meaning that Yajooj and Majooj are currently 99.62% of the World’s population, the remainder of the planet numbering of 7.5 Billion at the time of writing.


It is, of course, ridiculous to believe that there is an undiscovered icy wilderness on Earth in which 2 Trillion people live unknown to the outside world. Every inch of the Earth’s surface is mapped and in any case icy wastes do not support vast populations.

Undoubtedly the Qu’ranic and Hadith data on Yajooj and Majooj are complete nonsense, fabrications from the mind of Mohammed and disconnected with reality.

The Gate Of Alexander

It is plain that Mohammed obtained his information about The Giant Wall which holds back Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj from myths about Alexander The Great which emerged many centuries after his death.The myths associated with Alexander The Great go by the collective title of Alexander Romance and exist in many languages. The Greek versions of these myths go back to at least the 3rd Century.

The particular legend of The Gates of Alexander that Mohammed used in The Qu’ran was closely based on a Syriac version of the legends written in approximately 500 AD. This version was in active readership across the Middle East at the time Mohammed composed the Qu’ran. You can read it yourself by  Googling “A Discource Composed by Mar Jacob upon Alexander, the Believing King, and upon the Gate which he made against Gog and Magog”

Alexander’s Gate is entirely fictitious. It has been placed in many locations containing impressive enough fortifications all over the world. As P. Newton says in his Internet article, The Gate,

Since people began exploring the world they have looked for Alexander’s gate. Professor Andrew Runni Anderson had this to say about Alexander’s gate:

“The gate itself had wandered from the Caspian Gates to the pass of Dariel, from the pass of Dariel to the pass of Derbend, as well as to the far north; nay, it had travelled even as far as remote eastern or north-eastern Asia, gathering in strength and increasing in size as it went, and actually carrying the mountains of Caspia with it. Then, as the full light of modern day come on, the Alexander Romance ceased to be regarded as history, and with it Alexander’s Gate passed into the realm of fairyland.”

There is more information about the Gates Of Alexander here.

Since the Qu’ran regards the fictitious Alexander’s Gate as real, the Qu’ran itself cannot be regarded as the true revelation of God.



    • Unknown
    • Posted August 12, 2018 at 3:04 pm
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    You have told that, total population of gog and magon cannot be so high. But if their mean lifetime is about 1 years or less and their current population be equal to us, total number of gog and magog will be about 60 times of human. Moreover relativistic time dilation and space-time curvature (theory of relativity) may have some effect in this conjecture.

    • baraholka1
    • Posted January 8, 2019 at 10:29 pm
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    Dear Unknown,

    Thankyou for the most creative answer I have ever seen to any of my posts.
    May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and lead you onto all truth.

    Best Regards,

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