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ABC’s The Drum on 16 July this week had a very good panel including ALP strategist Greg Turnbull, the ABC’s Maurice Benson and Deputy Editor of The Australian Peter Fray.

All of the contributors were excellent, including Fray, who was quite balanced throughout except for his assessment about how impartial and responsible and accountable blah blah blah The Australian is in relentlessly striving for truth, honour and freedom.

I was just a bit taken aback by Fray during the segment on the effect of Clive Palmer’s PUP on the government. Around 16:50 into the programme Fray says that the ALP is using the obstruction engendered by Palmer to claim that the LNP cannot govern. Fray says around 17:05

What I think needs to happen from the Coalition’s point of view we have got to cut through all that rhetoric and get on with business because this country isn’t being governed.

That WE instead of THEY seemed to just blur the distinction between The Australian and the Liberal Party. Look out for some positive reinforcement from The Australian over the next few weeks saying how marvellously effective Abbott, Hockey and Cormann have been.

Or maybe I’m being too conspiracist.

I’ll just have a lie down and take a couple of the red pills, yes the red pills not the blue ones yes the red ones NOT THE BLUE ONES I SAID THE RED ONES UR UR URGH better now