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Dog Bites Man

I found it utterly unsurprising that Graham Richardson was connected in the web of contacts centering on the colourful Michael McGurk.

That Will Be $264,000 Please

What services is Graham Richardson, Lobbyist, offering his Property Developer clients, just one of whom has paid him more than a quarter of a million dollars in recent times, and his contacts in the ALP ?

Well it’s cash, both ways.

Richardson uses his contacts in the NSW ALP to engineer Property Development approvals, rezonings whatever. Once the NSW ALP State Kleptocracy approves the rezoning, Richardson is paid. Later on some donations find their way into Sussex St. coffers.

As The Daily Telegraph reported:

He [Richardson] chirpily reported to the committee that he does advise clients to donate to the Labor Party and the Liberal Party although he was unable to really explain why his clients were donating hundreds of thousands to NSW Labor but meagre amounts to the Liberals.

Why does the ALP use Richo ? Contacts, does not keep records, utterly discreet, trusted by the ALP.

Richo is untouchable. He fronts a Parliamentary Inquiry, tells us how he….does business….and swans off laughing his considerable guts out.

The Naked Latte

As the perceptive Pablo noted in this Lavartus Prodeo thread, the Planning Department bureaucrats who attend the court of Richo at various Leichhardt coffee shops are also ex-ALP Ministerial personal staff or aspiring ALP candidates. This fact reveals a further layer of nepotism in the ugly charade of government perpetrated by the Tripodi/Obeid NSW Inc mutant spawn of Bob Carr….

which the current NSW Planning Minister Kristina Kenneally only fosters by studiously ignoring any and all meetings of her Planning staff with the voracious Richo, thus allowing the racket to flourish. And Ms. Kenneally was championed into her position by (who else) Joe Tripodi.

Richo, it appears, was on the outer when Frank Sartor was Planning Minister. As the links in this post above show, Richo’s contacts with Planning department have ballooned in line with his bank balance since Sartor gave way to Ms. Kenneally as Planning Minister in Tripodi’s last reshuffle…all of which taken together shows Kenneally is a cipher for Tripodi, which means that Richo and Tripodi have a friendship/business relationship/mutual enrichment society in operation.

Here’s the NSW power relationship succintly put in an excellent article by David Penberty Of The Australian, “Declare state of civil war, kill the factions”

When Rees took over from Morris Iemma last year he used his first press conference to promise a “fresh start” and “a red-hot go”, then, at his second presser, said pathetically that he’d been given a list of names by caucus to assemble the front bench and gave Tripodi a promotion.

Tripodi is running NSW. Heaven help us.

The Government We Deserve

I voted Debnam last NSW State election. Even though he was an unimpressive candidate, Bob Carr’s horrendous legacy, the current NSW ALP, run by Joe Tripodi, was too disgusting to contemplate.

During the election campaign, Stateline reported Debenham ‘does not have the confience of business’. Only following the disgraceful Wollongong Council/State ALP/Property Developer scandal did the general public know what that really meant. Richo is feeding off the same rotten system.