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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rudd is a narcissist. He is quite willing to destroy the ALP for what it did to him. Using thermo-nuclear weapons. Except it would make his hair-do untidy.

Of course Rudd did attempt to destroy the ALP in 2010. All this kerfuffle of past months is merely his second attempt. He would have stopped if Swan, Arbib etc had come to him grovelling for mercy, but they didn’t, so they must die.

After months of steadily calibrated destabilisation but still not in receipt of grovelling apology from the Factional creeps who shamed him, Rudd has finally recognising he will never have the numbers to defeat Gillard in a spill.

Consequently Rudd is now forced into suicide bomber mode. Like Sampson, Rudd is going to pull down the entire temple in order to defeat the Philistines.

Suicide Bomber

Rudd has resigned because he got wind that JG is calling the spill. He will lose the ballot and then resign from the ALP and become an Independent. He will then selectively vote against ALP bills thus causing Wilkie or Windsor to support a Coalition no-confidence motion hence early election hence Abbott => PM.

As Islam give apostates three days to recant or be beheaded, so Rudd has told his party that he, Rudd, is the only one who can defeat Abbott. That message has until Monday to be understood by the party room. Last chance to grovel, guys and girls… or else.

Shreds Of Reason

Rudd as Independent is Scenario A. I think it has complete concordance with Rudd’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder and would be his preferred mode of operation.

However, shreds of reason may still exist in the Ruddean cortex in which case he may opt for Scenario B, resign from his seat and force a by-election which the ALP will lose and reduce their parliamentary working majority to on, as it was prior to Slipper becoming speaker. I would estimate this Scenario B as unlikely as it removes Rudd from the public eye, which he would loathe, and does not guarantee defeat of Gillard/Factional creeps.

Hence, more likely if those shreds of reason still function is Scenario C in which Rudd remains on the backbench after losing the leadership ballot, then pontificates loudly and at length on Gillard’s deficiencies from within parliament, thus gaining maximum exposure and continuing to poison the well of the ALP’s electoral fortunes.

Thus detroying them, natch.