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Monthly Archives: January 2014

You haven’t pulled down the Christmas tree just yet, have you ?

As the great pseudo-Australian / Fred Dagg / put it:

Star Of Wonder
Star Of Light
Star Of Beauty*
She’ll be right

Star of glory
That’s the story
Following yonder star

Wayne Wilson-Wong agrees

Not Reduced Salt Two Minute Asian Fusion Combo Noodles

What’s with those flamin’ three kings anyway ? Why would you want to follow a star ? And can I just clarify that Magi is not the same as Maggi ?

Beautifully rendered here.

* Disclosure: I have improved the Dagg version by replacing ‘Bewdy’ with ‘Beauty’

In the middle of a very dark forest there was a great big daddy bear and a middle sized mummy bear and a little baby bear who lived in a very pretty cottage. Their cottage was painted red and gold with a pink roof. As the snow fell and the wind blew a little girl called Goldilocks went along the track skipping happily. She was going to school but she took a shortcut which was unwise. She spied a little cottage and she thought to herself, ” I wonder who lives in there? I will knock on the door.

There in front of her was a smell a smell really yummy so she decided to have a taste but it was too hot. So she decided to eat the next bowl of porridge but it was too hot too. So she tried the little bowl of porridge and it was so yummy she ate it up! and then she said “what a delicious bowl of porridge and it is better than the others.”

Then she went up stairs and saw three chairs. She thought to herself, oh that looks so comfy. She sat on the big one first but it was too hight for her to reach. She sat on the middle sized one and it was too stuffy. Then she tried the little chair and she said what a delightful chair for little baby bear to do.She went up the stairs further. She saw three comfy, wonderful beds. She tried the big one first. Then she tried the middle sized one secondly. Then she snoozed in the baby bears one. She snoozed all day long until the bears came home.

When the three bear came home big grumpy daddy bear boomed “whose been sleeping in my beautiful ruined bed? Then mummy bear said “whose been sleeping in my ruined lovely bed and now I have to make it all once again. And baby bear squeaked whose been sleeping in my bed and look she’s still there. Then daddy bear said ” take that girl out of our house she is ruining everything we’ve done. They grabbed Goldilock out of little baby bear’s bed. Goldilocks twiggled and striggled, she screamed HELP, THESE BEARS WANT TO EAT ME. They put her down and then she rushed out of the room. And that was the end of Goldilocks. The end.