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This FAQ is designed to assist understanding of the blog entry ‘Lord Of The TURDUCKEN’, a Lord If The Rings satire hosted on the internationally famous blog ‘Under The Milky Way’.

Please contribute to the ever-expanding story of the Fellowship of the TURDUCKEN as they travel with a 200kg poultry item in a Mithril Wheelbarrow directly into Mordor, land of the all-gorging stomach, attempt to cast it into the Ovens Of Fire, destroy the TURDUCKEN forever, release Middle Earth from the morbidly obese and usher in the the Age Of Huge But Healthy Compound Animal Cuisine

A cow stuffed inside a pig stuffed inside a deer.

A calf stuffed inside a pig stuffed inside an unusually large octopus. Less calories and protein than Beefigison and rich in Omega 3 oils. Weight Watchers recommended alternative.


    • Alan
    • Posted June 17, 2013 at 5:23 am
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    beefigson? I imagine that is a parody at the unsustainable at current population levels practice of feeding protein as a food source to other animals to grow food for use to eat. While the range of practices that would be possible at more sustainable levels of demand is numerous, from where our planet is at the moment, less wasteful ways of producing food for humans to eat is a critical priority. Thus moves towards more protein from plants or at worst herbivores is a plan. (fortunately for me I like vegetarian food, even though eating meat is nice too). IMO the sustainable future could be rather nice place, if only we would move towards it instead of always trying to run away from it.

    • baraholka1
    • Posted July 9, 2013 at 11:17 am
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    Bilbo (knawing on masiv carckas) : Alun sez beefigison iz good for pardies. Yeh!
    Gimli (beard dripping with sizling fat): BUUUUURRRPP!! Rite on Alun!
    Galadriel (telpathicaly): Thatz ‘parody’ knot ‘party’ u cro-magnonz…
    Gimli: Wot? Chuck us mor BBQ sorce Hobit.
    Galadriel: …an to thik the fate of all midel-earth hangz in the balans…
    Elrond: Huh? (Concealz huge chunk of sumptuous fat under tunic)

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